Họa sĩ Đinh Phong và 'giấc mơ bay'

Artist Dinh Phong and ‘Dreams of Flying’

Painting to fulfill your “Dreams of Flying”

We met artist Dinh Phong at just the right time while he was busy packing his paintings. Dozens of my sculptures have just “come out” to be shipped to Hanoi to open an exhibition with a very special theme. “Flying Man and Surreal Dreams”! This is the first exhibition by painter Dinh Phong with nearly 70 works including paintings, bronze statues and glazed ceramics.

We were taken down to visit “cave paintings” located in the basement of a private house. Artist Dinh Phong shared enthusiastically: “I am very ‘drunk’ with all my paintings, because they look like I have been reborn.

A sculpture by artist Dinh Phong has just been completed and exhibited in Hanoi
A sculpture by artist Dinh Phong has just been completed and exhibited in Hanoi. Photo By: Minh Vuong


“They do not belong entirely to this world, but to me we exist in a world of dreams. A world made up of all the images accumulated in the sub-conscious mind. Dreams freeze, then fall apart, transform, fly, tumble, formed like this when I was very young. So my dreams followed me to sleep and chase me today.”

Honestly, when looking at the paintings, as well as many sculptures by artist Dinh Phong. We are “blinded” in the surreal art world presented before our very eyes. However, the only thing we could see and feel about him is the burning passion of a true flower artist dedicated to “drawing karma”.

Artist Dinh Phong and ‘Dreams of Flying’

He has quietly studied and immersed himself in the art world since the age of 19. But until recently, he has just started to “release” creative energy, accumulate awareness and the feeling of painting after decades of devotion to art. His painting world is strange, with colorful objects that he sees in his “surreal dreams”.

See the world of paintings and many unique and funny sculptures by artist Dinh Phong. Hardly anyone can believe that in just 6 months such a huge amount of art works came “out of the oven”, to boldly bring the exhibition to the nation’s capital.

Even more surprising is the first time the artist held a brush and chisel for painting. But done with an in-depth knowledge of artistic principles, plus metaphysical and rational mind is evident. They make his entire work almost impossible to discover in the silhouette of an amateur flower artist.

Dozens of paintings and sculptures by artist Dinh Phong were displayed for the Hanoi exhibition
Dozens of paintings and sculptures by artist Dinh Phong were displayed for the Hanoi exhibition. Photo By Minh Vuong

“Each work is a piece of broken pieces from the artist’s surreal dreams. When put together, they create a world of colored masses that move freely and gently in the dreams of a “flyer”.

“Artist Dinh Phong has dedicated and devoted a lot of time to care for his art garden, making him create a world of paintings and sculptures to invite everyone to come in a very short time. Enjoy!”, musician and poet Nguyen Huu Hong Minh commented.

Put the “flying dreams” into reality

Artist Dinh Phong was born in Hanoi. He soon moved to Saigon to set up a career and became a successful businessman in the hospital and school fields. However, his passion for painting never died out; Since he was young, he enjoyed researching and did not regret the money and time to explore and collect many works by artists Nguyen Tu Nghiem, Tran Luu Hau, Tran Hai Minh …

Họa sĩ Đinh Phong và 'giấc mơ bay'
Artist Phong who is enthusiastic about his “drawing career” has created a lot of great paintings to bring to Hanoi for exhibition

Artist Dinh Phong’s house is like a miniature personal museum that hangs many works of art he loves and cherishes. Most of them belong to the school of impressionism and abstract expression.

“I live in a space full of pictures and statues, but never thought I would draw. But my passion for reading, researching in-depth in painting made me always think about and want to touch the brush, color, and paint. I want to create my own works ”, said painter Phong.

According to the family member Dinh Phong, when he focused on drawing, he often forgot to eat and sleep. Just like that, painting day and night in my own quiet and private art space. Painting is like a stimulant, leading his mind from the moment he touches the brush until the picture gradually takes shape. Each work is like a “lover” of him in the art world. It is difficult to pull away whenever he floats on his paintbrush or immerses himself in the sculpture space.

Artist Dinh Phong and ‘Dreams of Flying’
With painter Dinh Phong only when he creates sculptures, he can truly satisfy his “dream of flying”. Photo: Minh Vuong.

Artist Phong shared: “Before, I focused on drawing only, but all” surreal dreams “. I put the focus on painting and still cannot escape all my ideas. Until I met a sculptor colleague by chance, it was like a charm that helped me pull my “dream of flying” out of my painting to create a 3D sculpture. They make me really… fly in the real world.

The rather broad field of association is the success of each abstract work and makes the author identify himself as a “flyer” in a strange “surreal, lyrical” world. Currently artist Dinh Phong is investing in building a private art space with his own art workshop, pottery workshop and large monument garden in My Tho – Tien Giang. He hopes that it will be a place to meet and exchange creativity with all the community of artists and art lovers.

According to online newspaper “Nong Nghiep

Translated by SonWeb


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