“I See The Collapse Of Monumental Structures..." 

* Reporter: Personally, what do you think about the article “Artist Dinh Phong – Speed” about his creative world and written by art critic Nguyen Quan?


Artist Dinh Phong: – There is a common fact that myself, as Nguyen Quan wrote, never thought of painting or making art to find fame! Likewise, I never thought I would become an artist or a sculptor. Recently, I havew just started drawing and making ceramic sculptures with a passion and excitement.


* But with such “artistic speed”, I think there has been a long, deep, hidden or latent process with you and painting? Is it true that today’s “flying dreams” have escaped the “surreal” time because it has come from the past?


Artist Dinh Phong: -I came to painting, to fine-arts from a long time ago, perhaps from my high school years. I liked to look at paintings, sculptures … I also went to local art museums, I looked for art materials in magazines, books. Fortunately, I have many friends who are artists, sculptors, researchers, art theorists and critics … And I have learned a lot from them.

From the past or present, I have always had dreams. I see vivid flying forms in quiet space and in that quiet space I hear its sound. The sound of stillness.

I have also seen the demise of monumental structures. The collapse, shattering and stopping in space! I found myself soaring with it all …


* At that time, what issues in the paintings were you interested in? Is it surrealistic, abstract? Was the complexity confusing? Or something that’s easy to understand, but not to grasp?


Artist Dinh Phong: -I see paintings and sculptures of many famous artists in the world. I think they also have their dreams.

I’m not haunted by anyone.

The images in my dreams in real life can be called abstract, and also surreal. But in my dreams it was 100% real.

It’s true that it can’t be grasped. I painted in order to see that dream for the second time! …

Dong Duong/ Charming Viet Nam done


Dinh Phong Artist.


We don’t know whether the dream goes into the subconscious or comes out as the dream

I only know that the dream is very real in me

I fly with the most beautiful figure-like dreams

I tumble in a world of tranquility

I dive in the real metaphysical world

I transform into a real figure in a dream

I immerse myself in a real dream

We separate ourselves as far as we can clearly see ourselves and

I with it, blended between it and me

I see a magnificent and majestic formation

I see the fall of both magnificence and majesty

I see it all stop in front of my eyes

I see silence drifting silently

I can’t touch it, nor can I

I want to take my dream from the subconscious

I want to bring it out into my real world

I want to throw it all on the white canvas

I want to bounce it up and down the multicolors  with me

I want to flick, throw, whip, whip, dissolve me and it

I want to see it clearly to me in real life

I want me to touch it and touch it and me

I still see the real dream outside of me …




Sun, March 29, 2021

Dinh Phong.

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