Artists’ Painting and Sculpture Art Exhibition Dao Chau Hai and Dinh Phong

Artists’ Painting and Sculpture Art Exhibition

Dao Chau Hai and Dinh Phong

Flying Man and Surreal Dreams 3

“A focused artist is an adult who refuses to be interrupted by himself, who continues to be absorbed and energized by his work – and who takes full responsibility for the work. Concentration, which is a form for the artist, can be the ultimate form of dedication.”

Through 2 exhibitions, the artist has shown his ability to understand materials to create works with a correlation between solid and brave shapes. The more he wants to dig deeper, search for thoughts and concepts, in the diverse universe, the more he knows how to generalize nature, find and express the meaning of “man and cave” in new sculptures.

Is he navigating the iconic dichotomy between darkness and light, between dreams and reality? Or are there uncertainties in his creation? Of course, the artist’s work cannot be separated from their life, nor can its integrity be mechanically dissected and analyzed into certain habitual actions.”

The density of the use of sculptural materials is increasingly confident, starting with ideas from abstract paintings; taking shapes from there to create ceramic and bronze sculptures. This process is a journey of discovery and experimentation by Dinh Phong.

At first, when Dinh Phong painted, everyone thought he was playing, he was flying, but after two exhibitions, it shows that he is very awake in his artistic dreams. 

This dream is nurtured by those who want to motivate him to continue his creative path, who share, appreciate, his optimism, his passion for art. Some well-known artists appreciate his enthusiasm and generosity – an entrepreneur who is passionate about making art. Composing paintings, crafting sculptures, building galleries, creating space for statues in My Tho, a lot of things he has completed in just over a year. His dreams, his ideas are numerous, he almost does not miss any of the source of emotions when they overflow, so he is always in a working state. That is reflected in the many sculptural blocks that are continuously created, and the abstract drawings on canvas, which are increasingly becoming larger.

Name for exhibition #1: The Flying Man and the Surreal Dream, he wishes he could continue to fly, capture creative ideas, learn how to interpret his dreams, with his own form. Maybe he found an expression, a face for the sculpture, he created blocks from improvised acrylic paintings. Friends often ask, are you stuck? Because after two exhibitions he is still engrossed and inspired with the same drawing style. Sculpture develops in a better direction, shapes in blocks are refined, kiln-fired ceramics still have a strong and decisive expression, and works are sharper with bronze sculptures. Each time he made a sculpture there was a dialogue with silence, he managed and struggled with himself like the multi-dimensional mass he had created.

Hopefully the artist will go further because he is always full of motivation, his creativity is not hindered by theories, prejudices or any concept. Besides, he is close with sculptor Dao Chau Hai, the two inspire each other in work and life, making this sculpture and art exhibition able to be launched quickly and with quality.

Whether the viewer accepts or opposes the intrinsic qualities of the materials, Dinh Phong’s creations are always soaring and fill an exhibition worth mentioning.


Dao Chau Hai: A sculptor who always impresses when he launches new works, he constantly explores and creates diverse properties of materials from stone, copper, steel, aluminum … he is a sculptor who dares to deny their own creations, always pushing the contrast between yin and yang, solid, soft, sharp, tense & patient… to complete the definiteness of each work. His bravery is to dare to challenge concepts, to force and push his creativity, to come up with new ideas. People admire and consider him as the leading contemporary sculptor in Vietnam, when he generalizes the ideas that are put into a sculpture with strength and majesty.

THINH – THING – THINK had an installation exhibition at Manzi recently, he stimulated the viewer’s vision with light and installation, from a group of aluminum alloy works in a small space. The work on display challenges the concept of contemporary sculpture in Vietnam. With this creation, Dao Chau Hai tells a different story, a different interpretation. We are waiting for his new work.

The works are the force that submits to its own set of rules, forces that must transcend the confines of the times and the restraints of habit. At the same time, works cannot be completely separated from life. Like medieval horsemen, the creators could do nothing but prepare themselves, both body and soul, for the labors to come – for his journey was nothing more than the unknown.

The artist’s job is to embrace the uncertainty, the ambiguity of things that will sharpen the very ideas, and move them towards the creative future. What the artist is uncertain about, is the driving force for him and her to explore, discover, and challenge himself, it is the raw material of art.

In fact, the work of the two artists is a journey in itself. And no artist can find another way, or want to find another, with less divine energy and focus. The transcendent is what art is always aiming for.”

Look forward to the arrangement of sculptures that the artist brings to this exhibition by sculptors Dao Chau Hai and Dinh Phong.



SG 3.2022

P.S.: In creative work – creativity in all its forms – the artists whom are active in the world are not trying to keep the world going, but to help it move forward. This is something completely different from normal jobs. Such work does not refute the ordinary. It is, essentially, something different. This job requires a perspective – the courage to do things differently.

Source: An artist’s mission is to dedicate himself to solitary concentration, according to

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