Artist Dinh Phong Brings “Surreal Dreams” To Painting Lovers With VR Virtual Reality Technology

“Surrealist Dreams” is the shortened name of “Flying Man and Surreal Dreams” – a solo exhibition by artist Dinh Phong that was first held in Hanoi in November 2020. From that point on, he continued to introduce to the painting-loving public the journey of living passionately for painting and creating art, at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts from April 11, 2021 to April 20, 2021.


This exhibition includes 50 paintings and 30 sculptures (bronze statues, enameled ceramics). All show the impression of artist Dinh Phong about filtered images, flexible color blocks and floating objects in the author’s own dreams.


The work in the exhibition of artist Dinh Phong is something different, the profound quality of art, without the need for stories, without the influence of other art schools. This all makes Dinh Phong welcomed and recognized by the art mainstream, and highly appreciated by experts since the first exhibition in Art Space (Hanoi). Among them are painters and art critics such as Painter Luong Xuan Doan, Chairman of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. poet, painter Nguyen Quang Thieu, Chairman of Vietnam Writers Association, painter, art critic Nguyen Quan, painter Ca Le Thang, Sculptor Dao Chau Hai…


The artist tries to keep the subjectivity elements intact, while at the same time, he wants to give the public who love art a chance to enjoy the artworks “Flying Man and Surreal Dreams”. ” with a very new technology – VR tour 360 virtual reality technology. Therein, the artist seems to be interacting with like-minded souls and willing to accept thoughts and feelings from the interested public. through their heart, love of art.


To watch the full exhibition of paintings with this VR tour 360 virtual reality technology, don’t forget to set it to full screen mode. And if you have any suggestions or want to contact artist Dinh Phong, please send information to:-






Charming Vietnam and painter Dinh Phong wish you an enjoyable visit and art viewing experience!

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