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About a Painting Phenomenon | Painter Trần Lưu Mỹ

Artworks in general, and paintings in particular, go from the Ego of the author to the Ego of the viewer. By this way, both share the same experiences, the same resonances. This is one of Dinh Phong’s paintings (“Embryo”) which I like. But why? The answer can be very difficult and very wordy. For, in

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The 2nd Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City
Đinh Phong Art

Dinh Phong’s Paintings: A Late Ripening

With the overflowing energy of freedom, Dinh Phong suddenly flew into painting. Upon seeing the moving colours in Dinh Phong’s paintings, it feels like he is expressing his dreams that he has suddenly forgotten, suddenly remembered during his life since birth. It came late to him. Perhaps that is also the late maturity of all

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